DIY Reading Strips

A different reading experience is only 10 minutes away by making DIY reading strips. Many people struggle with reading for a variety of factors. Some have poor reading skills (i.e., Dyslexia), others may be impacted by other struggles (i.e., inattention, anxiety, etc.). A simple reading strip can promote anyone’s reading including speed, accuracy, focus, and comprehension. With one simple material- colorful transparent plastic dividers, and a pair of scissors you can create a reading strip in no time!

To make the reading strip, all you have to do is cut out strips of the plastic dividers. Also, you can cut different sizes of strips to accommodate the reader’s preference. For some, it is helpful to have single lines (via thinner strips) highlighted. Whereas, others others might prefer thicker strips to highlight sections or paragraphs. Moreover, another benefit of the  multi-colored transparent dividers is that the reader can experiment with the different colors to see which works best for them.


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