Kiss and Make Up Day

Relationships are not easy. We all experience conflict and fights with loved ones. Whether you had an argument with a partner, friend, child, or family member, Kiss and Make Up Day is a reminder to make amends. Relationships are important. Whether you were wronged or did the wronging, you do not have to let the distancing continue.

We have a limited amount of room in our lives for emotions. When our lives are filled with negative emotions, there is less room for positive ones. Today, choose to let go of your anger and the pain that comes with it. Today, is the perfect day to work out your differences and make room for peace, love, and happiness.

Start inward and work outward. We can be hard on ourselves. Sometimes we find ourselves spending more time thinking about our weaknesses than we do our strengths. Take some time today to be kind to yourself. Let this be the first of many days where you smile more about your strengths, than you frown on your weaknesses.

When it comes to others, have you done some things that do not seem to be a big deal to you, but may have not felt so good to the other person? Did you snap at your child, after having a bad day at work? Did you forget to run an errand or follow through on something you agreed to with your partner? Today is a reminder of the power of “I’m sorry.” Acknowledging our mistakes is important to maintaining healthy relationships.

You may have conflict in your life that has become so big, that making-up will require more than a kiss. While the situation may not resolve itself today, you can decide to accept the situation. Today, you can express your wiliness to mend the relationship. You can choose to extend an olive branch. Send an email, mail a card, or invite the person to coffee or lunch.

Anger is an emotion that is harmful to us both mentally and physically. Letting go of anger is easier to talk about, than it is to follow through on. However, the peace and joy we gain from letting go is worth it. Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and do better. Let Kiss and Make Up Day be your chance, to give a loved one, another chance.

2 Responses

  1. Sabrina C. says:

    What a great article! This was especially timely in dealing with recent conflict with my partner. Thanks for the reminders and motivation to focus on healing and strengthening my relationship!

  2. Nicole Brown says:

    You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing.

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