Fun Summer Game for Trips- Would You Rather?

Parents often complain that their tweens and teens don’t talk to them. Often, parents also struggle to get their kids to spend quality time together. With summer around the corner, family trips might include long car or airplane rides. This provides a great opportunity to connect and chat with your children. A fun way to facilitate conversation is to bring along a funny and engaging game to play- Would You Rather…?

What is it?

Would You Rather…? is the game of “mind-boggling questions.” It is a card game which poses funny, silly, quirky, and interesting scenarios in which you have to choose between two options (there is also a board game version but we recommend the card deck for ease of mobility and transport). You can play according to the game rules of trying to predict what others will choose, or you can make your own rules. Want to see how your children/family/friends perceive and problem solve? Have each person answer the same scenario and explain their rationale for their choice. Want to work on collaboration and negotiation? Make a rule that the entire group has to reach an agreed-upon decision. There are endless ways to modify the game to fit your needs! Frequently, children and teens often find the scenarios interesting and hilarious, and will often be willing to join in the fun. Moreover, the deck is inexpensive ($7.99-$10.00) and can be found at many common retailers (Walmart, Target, etc) or online (Amazon).

Don’t forget that when buying things on Amazon to visit and choose to support Learning Dynamics Inc. or other charitable organizations. Happy travels to you and your family!

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