Mental Health Insurance: A Tiny Bit Less Confused

Two years ago we posted about our venture into a territory unknown to us – mental health insurance; or as the insurance companies say, “behavior health.” In our experiences in working with insurance, we repeatedly came across questions and information that we put together so people have a tool to learn more about their mental health coverage.

Do you have great insurance coverage, and pay very little out of pocket? Are you filled with hope, only to be crushed by an unexpected bill in the mail? Do you fall somewhere in-between. We know that knowledge is power. If you are clear on what your insurance company will cover and what you are responsible for, it can reduce a lot of stress. After all, we are often trying to get mental health services to reduce our stress. Therefore, the process itself, should not create it.

We continue to receive positive feedback on our initial guide. Over the summer we updated our guide, and hope you will find this one even more helpful. While this guide can help you learn more about using your benefits for services at our agency, the information applies everywhere. There are so many obstacles to receiving mental health services. If what we have learned can help remove a barrier for someone near or far, we want to help.

Mental Health Insurance Guide

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