Santa-tracker Fun

Christmas is here and many children are eagerly awaiting Santa Claus’ visit. Did you know that there are various sites in which children can track Santa’s progress and location on Christmas? Here are a couple of our favorites.

Google’s Santa Tracker

Not only does it countdown the days til Santa takes off, it also hosts a variety of fun and educational games and activities to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. Moreover, they’ve released a different feature/activity every day this month. Therefore, now is a great time to explore as there are so many activities to chose from. There’s many different games that involve dancing, present-dropping, wrapping battles, racing games, and even just fun videos to watch. On the educational side, you can learn about different holiday traditions in various countries. Additionally, you can also practice saying holiday-related words and phrases in different languages. Prettige kerstdagen! (that’s season’s greetings in Dutch)

Norad Tracks Santa

I love Norad’s home page which hosts its different features in Santa’s Village setting. Each building hosts a different activity. For example, you can learn about Santa and holiday traditions in the “library.” The “theater” is where you can watch videos about Santa and Norad. There’s also a “music stage” for listening to holiday music, and an “arcade” where you can play a variety of games.

Traveling for the Holidays?

Though not necessarily a Santa-tracker function, I stumbled upon Reroute Santa and thought it was a brilliant solution to kids who might be worried about being away from home during the holidays. Additionally, it is very simple and fast! It’s a way for kids to message Santa to let him know they will be away for the holiday. Essentially, you enter a name, where you live ,and where you will be on Christmas and then watch as your message gets delivered to Santa. You quickly get a letter straight from Santa himself in which he offers a lovely and personalized message reassuring you that Rudolph’s GPS is spot-on and wishing you great holidays with your family. It was pretty awesome!

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