Effective Couples Communication

Communication is the way we exchange thoughts and information. This is often done by taking, writing, or through our behavior. Effective communication with others is an important life skill. At Learning Dynamics, we believe understanding is important in effective communication. The listener should understand and the speaker should feel understood. When we do not understand, there is a great risk for miscommunication.

Be Clear

When communicating with your partner, it is important to be clear. While you can communicate clearly, your partner may not hear or accept what you say. On the other hand, a partner may believe that their communication is crystal clear, when in fact, it is not. These communication breakdowns may lead to personal and professional roadblocks. Clear communication requires the effort of both partners.

Be Respectful

In relationships, either partner may say “Stop complaining,” “You’re wrong” “You’re not listening” or “I don’t want to talk about that.” These are some of the many ways we try to express that we have a problem. However, this communication is often unsuccessful. Over time, a pattern of miscommunication develops and either one or both partners feel frustrated, misunderstood or alone. It is important to remember that all relationships experience miscommunication and disagreements at times. It seems like the difference between a happy and an unhappy relationship, often relates to the couple’s ability to discuss and resolve disagreements in a manner that respects the needs of each partner.

effective couple communicationBe Engaged

Learn how to improve your communication. Create an idea of what you want your relationship to be. Focus on building a stronger, more loving relationship. While it may be frightening, change is not impossible. Most of all, remember that working together, can lead to a healthier relationship.

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