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Welcome to the Learning Dynamics, Inc. Blog – “LDI HEALs.” H.E.A.L. stands for the pillars of our agency’s mission and values: Hope, Empower, Achieve, and Learn. It is our “HOPE” that we are able to “EMPOWER” others to “ACHIEVE” their goals when they “LEARN” new ways of thinking and doing, that are personally meaningful.

We envision a world where high-quality, culturally-harmonious, mental health and educational services are affordable and accessible without stigma.

With the intention of executing the powerful words of Ghandi, this blog is our intentional effort to “be the change we wish to see in the world.” By sharing knowledge, tips, strategies, and tools that we have found helpful for ourselves and those we serve, we hope to help improve your well-being or that of someone you know.

Blog Content

So what can you expect to see in the LDIHEALS Blog? We will cover a variety of topics that can help individuals, families, students, and professionals make positive and impactful changes in their lives. Topics will include:

  • Relationships (couples, family, social, parenting…)
  • Emotional difficulties (anxiety, depression, behavioral…)
  • Personal growth and development (self-care, productivity, efficiency…)
  • Guidance for emerging professionals (students or professionals providing mental health services)
  • Local and national resources (sharing helpful information of other local agencies, programs, events, or activities)
  • The nitty gritty of starting and growing a non-profit (planning, programming, operations…)

It is our hope to create a space where we share useful knowledge and insight and help build one another up! We look forward to your involvement through sharing our content and posting comments. We welcome comments that share ideas, experiences, and feedback that can encourage others. Together, we can create a unique mix of content that reflects different walks of life, viewpoints, experiences, and expertise.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you will consider joining us on the journey to spread meaningful change. At Learning Dynamics, our mission is to reduce stigma and the impact of mental illness and interpersonal distress. We are faithful that our collaborative efforts will inform and inspire people to share their talents and skills with others, so one day we are all able to #HEAL!

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